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Providing West Michigan with high-quality, fast, affordable, and reliable seawall solutions that you can build upon.

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Welcome to Lake Trades Seawall Specialists

Committed to quality, affordability, and friendly seawall and retaining wall installations. Fully licensed and insured.

At Lake Trades, we know seawalls are the foundation of a beautiful and stable lakefront. We are here to help enhance your lakefront property and also help provide your first step of defense against erosion, flooding or poor drainage. We offer 30 years of combined experience in marine construction and excavation, along with the talent, equipment, and knowledge needed to perform any size construction, restoration, or preventative maintenance job.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality, fast, affordable, and reliable seawall solutions. Our dedicated team will always go that extra mile to ensure that your experience with us is pleasant and rewarding!  We would love to quote your project!  We serve most of Michigan, Gun Lake, Yankee Springs, Hastings, Middleville, Delton and Southwest Michigan.

Steel Seawall
Vinyl Seawall
Steel Wall


Need lakeshore restoration? The professionals at Lake Trades LLC will help develop a plan and reduce your shoreline problems by creating a natural barrier between your landscape and shoreline. As a shoreline restoration company, we will quote you a cost effective, and attractive solution that can stand the test of time. We work with the assistance Department of Army Engineers to ensure you work will last years to come.

Shoreline restoration is an marine construction procedure that is very important, it both fortifies shorelines and protects your lake property.  At Lake Trades LLC, we will take all of the proper steps to resolve any issues and keep your property protected.


Lake Trades Vinyl Seawall

Vinyl Seawalls

We specialize in vinyl seawalls, a strong and reliable protection against shoreline erosion. Vinyl is a popular choice due to its lightweight, long-lasting, and efficient properties.



Lake Trades Wood Seawalls

Wood Seawalls

Timber seawalls are a great for unique shapes or those who prefer the straightest, cleanest retaining lines. Wood seawalls are widely utilized and cost effective for residential use.



Steel Sea Wall

Steel Seawalls

Steel seawalls are made with non-coated bare steel sheet piling, angle iron capping and plain finish hardware. Steel have a long service life and they are the most economical choice when considering a seawall.


Rock Wall

Rock Seawalls

Natural rock walls are a great way to provide a safe, stable seawall to protect your lakefront property. Even better — you're only limited by your creativity when it comes to design!





We go above and beyond with the use a wider cap which looks nicer and gives a more finished look. A stronger bulkhead will keep your product straight when installing. This works with a guide attached to the bulkhead so it can only drive the bulkhead.